Thursday, 12 February 2009

Scanning is good for you

No, I’m not talking about brain scans. Not after my Terry Pratchett posting! I’m talking about putting my old photos into the computer.

Bryony and Helen taking the Border Terriers for a walk in Formby – January 1984

In the garden with Pepper and Ginger - May 1984.

Apart from all the happy memories it’s bringing back, it is keeping me fit. I worry about how much time I spend sat at the computer and keep finding ways of interrupting myself to ensure I stand up and move around at regular intervals.

A sing-song - June 1982 on holiday at Llangrove, Herefordshire.

A study in concentration.

What have I put my foot in?

My scanner, although next to the computer, is at a higher level and in order to put new slides or photos into it I have to stand up. Automatically, when I stand up I glance out of the window – that alters my focussing. Both things are good for my health. But surely the best of all is reliving happy moments from the past, caught on the camera and which in turn trigger warm, fuzzy feelings.

The girls with Postman Pat at the Liverpool International Garden Festival - July 1984.


  1. My photos are some of my most prized possessions. They certainly can trigger fuzzy feelings. Your pictures are wonderful.

  2. I totally agree! I just bought a scanner so that I could upload and tweak (just a bit) my black and white negatives from a class I just took. I was so happy to get all these negatives protected and printed out without the need for a blackroom.

  3. I heard a family therapist once comment that if families kept picture scrapbooks, the divorce rate would plummet. Good times shared, remembered, cherished: good medicine.

  4. Ginger and pepper! Oh that does give me fuzzy feelings. Think I only have one photo of them (presumably one of yours). It's great to see these. Thank you!

  5. As you know, I too am scanning at the moment. My scanner is at the same height as the computer and also in the window. The problem is that only at night can I fully open the lid. If I open it fully during the day all the birds and squirrels panic and leave the garden!

  6. You know that I agree, about all that you've said with getting up and moving around, looking through our history and the warm fuzzy's that come with that.

    My body gets stuck in position causing muscles to pull on joints and leaving that tweeky feeling here and there. I've always wondered if other people feel the ways that I do, with the aches and pains. I don't talk about it with anyone - I know that it's a part of the genetics and the way that I'm built. I assume it's a prelude to arthritis....and being only (almost) 37 yrs. I do try to keep stretching as of great importance throughout my day. Sometimes I think I cause a tweek from stretching too...

    Have you ever seen bugs bunny with his tweeking fit? I'll have to look that up, maybe I'll find it. I do think it could make you chuckle :o).

    By the scanner is so conveniently placed as I turn my chair to the right...I've placed my photo boxes to the left. That's a terrible way of excercising, isn't it? My little man, on the other hand, keeps me moving...sometimes too quickly.

    ♥ to you today with prayerful thoughts, my friend.



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