Sunday, 15 February 2009

A bath in front of the fire

I should really have put this on my Memories Blog but I wanted to give it a wider audience. I have been looking for this photo for a while.

It shows GB having ‘a bath in front of the fire’ as we termed the luxury of not having to go up to the bathroom on cold winter’s days. Mum would fill the bath with pans of water from the hot tap in the kitchen which in those day’s relied on the boiler behind the coal fire.

GB looks just as happy now as he did then but perhaps not quite so cute; and I shall spare you an up-to-date picture of him naked!


  1. I remember baths in a tub when I was older than that. My mother would get out the #3 rinse tub that sat next to her Maytag ringer washing machine. Who ever dreamed back then we would have the technology we have today?

  2. I was just too young for baths in front of the fire, but remember being bathed in the big old sink... and having an outside loo!

    That is a precious, clear picture of such a cute baby! Do you not have one of you, Sir?!

  3. No, Fhina, I haven't got one of me. I'm very glad to say!!!!

  4. hahaha ;)

    This is great, John...thank you for sharing it!

    Now, I wonder what GB will share of his little return of favor :o).

  5. No I wonder if I can find one to retaliate. Unfortunately not here in New Zealand. But I'll be back in Scotland - eventually.

  6. And that is our loss, Sir! Hope you have a good week this week, Scriptor!

  7. We had to bath in a tin bath in the kitchen which had approx 6" of boiling water in topped up with cold. Our toilet was outside and people would just open the back door to go to the toilet while us children were in the bath! We would share the bath, being the youngest girl at the time I would bath first and my poor brother bathed last. I presume my parents bathed when we were in bed or at school.

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