Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Snow and Ice

We’ve seen a lot of snow and ice pictures in the UK the last few days. These are ones I took in the 1960s when Merseyside had a few snowy winters.

In those days the inside of the windows would get frost patterns on them overnight. Ah, children don't know they're born nowadays....


  1. My mouth was open looking at these. What is it with icy shots and snow that create wonder inside of me? I don't know but I do know that I love these photo's.

    The frost on the leaves is extreme...great shot. As I first looked at the last one, I thought it was something similar to those feathery wheat type plants...but that didn't make sense because it was all blue...then I read underneath. You're correct, most children don't get to see this anymore...but mine do. Our upstairs windows are the same age as our home (they need replacing but that will come in time...hopefully before the rest of the wall needs it too).

    I love the frost on the inside of the window...not the cold that it creates but the beauty makes it more worth having around ;o).

  2. I had heard that the sixties (I was just little then and remember being clad in a white fake fur hat with bobbles and carrying a muff! I must have looked like Princess Margaret as a child!), were incredible for deep snows - and your magical, clear pictures show just that - Thank you, sir!

  3. Beautiful shots - and the ones posted on another of your blogs as well.
    We have more frost than snow here during a normal winter (and this has not been a normal winter) and I love the frost pictures. I remember that when I was a child we talked about 'Jack Frost' in school - I'm pretty sure that most children now wouldn't know what I'm talking about.

  4. Yes I can remember my first visit to the UK in 1967 before the days of central heating. Waking up to frost on the inside of the windows. I would put my undies under my pillow at night so I could at least start the dressing process in the morning under the bedclothes. Margaret

  5. Sorry I meant to say the photos are really beautiful. Margaret

  6. I'd forgotten all about getting dressed under the bedclothes. Ah, memories!

  7. wow, those are really pretty pictures. there was an ice storm where i live in the northeast U.S. back in december. It was beautiful. ...And I got to miss school for a couple of days (:


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