Sunday, 22 February 2009


Tomorrow I begin the job of decorating the study. The wallpaper was inherited from the previous owners of the house - I would have preferred it if they had taken it with them! Decorating it is not a major task since the study is only 9 foot by six foot. However, it contains a bed, a full size desk, a computer, three bookcases, a video, a radio/CD player, two CD wall racks, two tables, a bedside cabinet and a few dozen other odds and ends. I exaggerate not...

Therefore the task becomes big by virtue of dismantling things and finding somewhere to put all this stuff while I do it. Add the unreliability of my health and it could be a couple of weeks.

I have yet to decide whether to set up my computer elsewhere or rely on my laptop in the interim. If I do the latter there may be a reduction in the number of postings for the a little while. We shall see. I think I’ll have to set up the desktop to avoid getting withdrawal symptoms.

I would love to find a better way of organising the room and making it look less cluttered but I suspect that’s impossible without removing the door and raising the ceiling...


  1. Good luck with the study! I look forward to seeing it at Easter. Assuming that you're not painting it an even darker colour it should make the room look bigger.

    No ideas for rearranging the furniture I'm afraid.

  2. Oh dear...what a pain! Are you sure you couldn't just paint 3 of the walls just by pulling things away from the walls? I think one wall with the plaid paper would be kinda cool! Then you could still leave all your computer set up and working, and you could still blog while you take your short breaks!!! LOL :)

  3. A monumental undertaking, for sure, but making it just the way you want it will be so worth it. Are you stripping the wallpaper too? No fun.

  4. Wow, that's a lot to fit in a room that size. I wouldn't want to be faced with your task.

  5. Thanks for the suggestions but that paper has just got to go. Even the thought of it being under the paint is too much! It may look like fun but I think you'd tire of it after a while, Julie. But then, maybe not, each to their own. Someone obviously liked it enough to put it on.

  6. Je te souhaite la bonne chance, la bonne bruyère et la patience. J'espère que tu peux au blog.

  7. It looks like a great little nook to read and write in.

    I like to take down wall paper with hot water i a spray bottle mixed with vinegar. I never measure. I spray the whole wall liberally and then begin to work.

    Good luck!

  8. Whoever chose that paper had, um, distinctive tastes? And that is a lot of clutter in such a small room!
    I agree with what was said before, 1) painting the walls a lighter color will make the room look bigger, 2) spraying the paper with hot water (haven't tried vinegar) does wonders, and 3) I don't think there is enough room to rearrange the furniture!

  9. Erm, I kinda like the plaid wallpaper? I do have notoriously bad taste mind. Good luck with the DIY anyway, and don't go up ladders if you are in the house on your own, I worry about that kind of thing you know.


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