Friday, 13 February 2009

Blogs, slides and other things

I awoke this morning and after a few necessary jobs I took a trip around the world. It’s amazing that with 7 million bloggers I find that some of the postings I comment upon have often already received comments from people I ‘know’. This morning it was Pondside that I followed around the world. I wonder who it will be tomorrow.

The other day Simply Heather commented upon how small the transparencies or slides are and what detail they contain. So I thought I’d give you an example. This is the photo of Thirlmere in the Lake District that was featured on the slide on my posting.

This is a slide I took of the side of St George’s Hall in Liverpool in the 1960s.

To show you how much detail that little 35mm slide contained here is the lettering above the portico. The letter A is smaller than a pinhead on the original slide.


  1. So glad that you've shared the larger version of that scene. It's gorgeous! And to think that you were there seeing it with your own eyes...I can imagine the feeling I'd have had to be there.

    Breathe taking....

  2. That's pretty amazing. The first picture is beautiful.

  3. I am not very familiar with slides beyond a few fuzzy recollections. This amount of detail is impressive indeed!


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