Monday, 23 February 2009

Guess what?

The next few days will be pre-scheduled unless I get the chance to wake up my Laptop. Scanning of slides will also be in abeyance but here’s one to be going on with; all you have to do is guess what it is.

The answer will be published tomorrow but in the meantime the wilder the guesses the better...


  1. I assume they are the faint outlines left after you have staked two vampire centipedes!

  2. Hi Scriptor! I didn't have your email address, so I will have to thank you publicly. Thank you for your donation in support of Gordon's marathon training and run. That was such a nice surprise!

    I now can say that Gordon has support around the world!

    Now, with regards to the scanned image... is it: a baseball? stitches after surgery? veins of a leaf?


  3. Here are my guesses (which may or may not have been influenced by my daughter watching Sesame Street in the background):

    - A chicken conga line

    - You plotting out dance steps for the birds in your backyard, "1,2,3...cha cha cha..."

  4. I am guessing a drawing of some sort of plant stem with thorns or small leaves, like roses (except the thorns are too close together and too regular) or blackberry.

    Since I can't see a head, I don't think they are centipedes, but that was my other guess. Maybe (wildly hypothesizing after what Mark said) the body lines drawn by the police after a double centipede homicide? (Would that be a centipedicide then?)

    Or something under the microscope. Algae, perhaps. Algae that has been dead for a while and has no more chlorophyll.

    Or maybe a scratch on the slide?

    This is a real puzzler...

  5. My fun guess is a drunken blackbird in the snow waddling to impersonate a duck.

    The boring guess is marks on the plaster underneath the 'interesting' wallpaper that you are stripping.


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