Monday, 9 February 2009

I love Irises

I have lots of Iris plants in the garden but these are ones from a former life and its garden and were caught on transparency film in the late 1970s. I’ve just scanned a few of my garden flower photos from that era into the computer but there are hundreds still to go.


  1. They are beautiful flowers. Very nice shots.

  2. Gorgeous and stunning. I'm a huge fan of the iris. My goat took care of my last batch of beautiful iris bulbs, so I'm hoping to replace some this year. Nice shots.

  3. There is a brilliant postal service for iris. I used to get them from Cayeux direct from France but they bow have a UK agent.

    I don't know if they send to the US - I suppose the postage and time would be a problem but the catalogue itself is worth drooling over!

  4. Were these taken in Formby? The last group look like the ones I was asking you about a little while ago, but I don't recognise any of the others.

    I'm worried that the irises you gave me are going to rot in our clay soil - there's so much water on the surface after the snow melt and now it's raining. Sob.

  5. Yes, Helen, they were all in Formby.

    Our irises are in fairly wet soil at the moment, I don't think I'd worry too much about it at this time of year. It's only if it's wet and marshy in the summer time that it could prove a problem.

  6. Nice pics. I have a few bearded irises in my backyard. But like the Pixel Queen of Photography, I'd have to say, Something there is, that doesn't love an iris. (My German Shepherd is fond of trampling mine when she chases 'possums.)

    Keep scanning!

  7. All of these are a wonderful display to share. My mother loved the iris too. I just found some pictures today of her flower gardens when I was young. I appreciate them much more now than I ever did then.


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