Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The wagon train

On my memories Blog I mentioned a wagon that Dad once bought me. To my amazement when I was scanning in my slides I found a black and white slide (the only black and white transparency film I ever used – as an experiment) which included some of my children’s toys. And there, hey presto, was my wagon.


  1. How exciting! I'm so glad that you found this, John.

    Oh, and those above photo's of your family are wonderful. Your wife is beautiful...her smile :) and your son with his dashing blue eyes. I have one of those...just one, a dashing blue eyed boy. My little man is my dark brown eyed strikingly handsome boy...and my oldest is the smily golden brown eyed catch.

    I love to see family photos. I was digging through mine again today, reminiscing of those days gone by when I first became a mother. With each photo came a different feeling or thought. I'll be posting some in the near future too :).

  2. Pictures are so wonderful aren't they?

  3. Taking pictures of kids' toys is great fun. I've got a few, so it's fun to see one of yours.

    Hmmm... those would be American cowboys?

    There's a story there...


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