Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Posting of the Day, I mean Month, I mean Year...

Actually never mind Posting of the Year - this has to be the posting of the Millenium.

You just have to see this! (If only to understand why I've used the label vacuum cleaner)

(Thanks to Lisa for bringing it to my attention.)


  1. Oh dearie me...I don't mean to laugh at other people's misfortune, but BAHAHAHAHAHA! Thank you for sharing this story.

    I think the crowd of rescue workers was purely for the "you'll never believe this" storytelling later.


  2. Thanks for the link. That's hilarious. I live in Maine, and I'm surprised it didn't make the news! I love people who feel comfortable sharing their blunders for others to enjoy!

  3. It's OK....laugh. Take your time, I'll wait. I'm far too used to by this point.

    Looking back, I can kinda laugh at this point. Well, I'm trying anyhow.

    And I now treat the vacuum with a severe reverence usually only reserved for those who handle wild animals!

  4. Heading over right away!

  5. Scriptor, Thanks for visiting my site and enjoying this post with me. I nearly woke my neighborhood, broke a few ribs and ruined my fancy computer chair laughing. I agree 100% that this should be honored as post of the century!

    Now leave me a nice comment or I'll cry...


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