Tuesday, 25 November 2008


Watching the counter of unique hits creep up during the fortnight since I put it on this blog I began to have doubts as to its accuracy. Over 700 hits in a couple of weeks. Was it really recording unique visitors and not just repeat visits like my brother and daughters? I had my doubts.

However, I have just seen how many people have viewed my profile – 1,842. Wow! That’s amazing. That’s my third real boost of the week – the first being Sara’s lovely comments, and the second was ‘finding’ Sue. Apart from the enjoyment of expressing myself this blogging lark can be a real ego-enhancer.

The discovery that blogging is not just an antidote for one’s own health and mobility problems but also something that other people are enjoying is quite a boost. At least I assume they are enjoying it and not just visiting my profile to see ‘Who is this prat?’

(The spellchecker rejected the word ‘prat’. I must do a blog about that on Words, Words, Words... Who says I’ve added blogomania to my list of ailments?

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