Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Blog List

I love the gadget that enables me to have a list of the family blogs and other blogs I regularly visit down the left hand side of my Blog page. Every time I open up my blog I have a quick check down the list and if anything is blue I know I haven’t visited that posting. I visit. And the next time I go down the list that blog posting has turned grey like the others.

The disadvantage is that if someone writes two posts in between my visits I miss one of them. I’m not overly bothered with the “More Blogs to Visit” but I don’t want to miss any in the “Friendly Bloggers” so instead I click on the Blog Title and read any posts I’ve not read before. Then I go back and click on the blue latest posting, which opens the window, and I promptly close the window again. The title of the post has then turned grey.

The only time that doesn’t work properly is if a blog has its feeds turned off or if there is no title to a posting – hint, hint.

All in all it is a brilliant time-saver.

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