Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Irritating or what?

The top ten irritating phrases recently compiled by researchers at Oxford University:-

At the end of the day
Fairly unique
I personally
At this moment in time
With all due respect
It’s a nightmare
Shouldn’t of
It’s not rocket science

The phrases appear in Jeremy Butterflied’s “Damp Squid: the English Language laid bare” published on 30th October and for some reason not available on Amazon without waiting a fortnight.

At the end of the day I personally should of thought a fairly unique book like that would, at this moment in time, be readily available from a firm that works 24/7; after all, with all due respect to Amazon, it’s not rocket science just packaging a book up and although it’s a nightmare getting anything posted quickly it’s absolutely absurd to have to wait a fortnight.

P.S. What happened to “Have a nice day”, “... or what” and the awful “Free gift”? Comments on your ‘favourite’ irritating phrases will be most welcome.

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