Saturday, 29 November 2008

Attic Sale

It’s still early morning. That time of day when the windows are just black squares with a little bit of condensation on the inside. So I’m not sure what the weather is like out in the big wide world. I know it’s not too windy because the window is slightly open but the door isn’t banging too and fro. I know it’s not absolutely pouring down because I would hear that on the windows. I’m hoping it stays like that for the next couple of hours because this morning we have to load the car with half a ton of junk for an attic sale. Half a ton is, of course, an exaggeration. I doubt the car will take more than a few hundredweight. last time we went to an attic sale the front of the Nissan lifted off the ground so much it looked like it was begging. mind you, it probably was begging – to be unloaded!

Gary says that Heswall Hall is fully booked for today and because we didn’t book until the last minute (fortunately getting a cancellation) we won’t have our favourite table. I’m glad about that in a way because it may enable me to persuade Jo to leave all the clothes at home. I hate selling clothes. It takes me fifteen minutes of fighting with the clothes rail to get it assembled without falling over. And then I spend the whole sale picking clothing up off the floor where people let them drop while looking through them. I know I’m a bit anally retentive but there’s no way i could just ignore something if it came off the hanger. By contrast, most people seem to drop things on purpose.

I suspect that the profit margin on the day will be fairly small and if we get set up early it will be nil. There’s nothing worse than being set up half an hour before the doors open because it gives you a chance to wander round all the other stalls – and buy things. The next hour and half is spent trying to make back the money you’ve spent buying more stuff. For Jo the irresistible attraction is usually clothes, for me its books. Then there’s the occasional bargain that neither of us can turn down like a bread-maker, bedside table or a portable television. I wonder what today will see us returning home with?

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