Friday, 21 November 2008


A number of friends of mine say “I haven’t got time to do a blog” or “I haven’t got anything to blog about”. As though they needed lots of time and required especially exciting lives to create a decent blog. Neither premise is true.

One of the attractions of many blogs is that they represent the ordinary lives of ordinary people (in so far as any individual can be ordinary). That is why I thoroughly enjoy reading people’s published diaries. A comparatively boring and ordinary life of the late seventeenth century becomes absolutely fascinating with hindsight.

For people who have vaguely thought about creating a blog but are not sure of a subject you could do worse than visit the ‘One Minute Writer’.

Without having to confine yourself to a single minute you can use his site because each day's blog gives a Writing Prompt. Two recent examples were - Write about a memorable party or gathering you attended and describe the first pet you remember having. (If you haven't had a pet, would you like one? What kind?)

And cameras and camera phones are so accessible that nowadays most people take photos – family, events, countryside, nature, pets... All these can make a super contribution to your blog.

If you’ve thought about writing a blog – do it now!

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