Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Wonderful optical illusion

Whenever GB travels back and forth between here and NZ there are at least a few days where I (and he) have to get used to the time difference. This time, for some reason I found it easy. Nevertheless, he had placed on his blog a clever little double clock. The problem is that every time I glance at it I think one of us is a minute out.

The fact that one is at a minute (i.e very small, not 1/60th of an hour) angle further from the centre of the screen, together with the difference in the angle between the hour and minute (as in 1/60th of an hour) hands, makes the time seem fractionally different. So now, for example, it seems like four minutes to eight in NZ but three minutes to seven in the UK. Now, that is going to get some getting used to....

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