Thursday, 13 November 2008


Having had a comment from a complete starnger, which I rejected because of the language (and poor grammar), about my views on life I should like to point out the following. This is MY blog. Like a true Brit I enjoy complaining about everything and anything worth complaining about. I dislike bad service, rude shop assistants, bureaucratic bungling, Mondays, pain, bad grammar, Ms Palin (the cause of the comment), unnecessary swearing, racists, snobs, inverted snobs and anyone else who discriminates (myself excluded). The older I get the more childish I get and I am now just as prone to grumpy outbursts as I was then. Only now, these are not caused by colic.... If you don't like what I've got to say go and look at cute pictures of kittens and bunnies instead.

On the other hand, perhaps I can please everyone and put in a cute picture of a baby hedgehog as well...

And yes, there are times when I am just as prickly...

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