Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Decisions, decisions...

Fortunately I am not the Chancellor of the Exchequer so I don’t have to take decisions about the national debt and trivia like that. Unfortunately I have so many blogs that at times my decisions seem even harder. What happens, for example, when I want to blog about a piece of news (my news blog) that is of general interest (here), books (my book blog), and incorporates memories from the 1960s (my memories are made of this blog). There’s no way I’m going to put the item into each blog.

I decided the answer on the latest occasion would be to put the news item in the book blog and make a comment here suggesting you may care to look at it.... So, you may care to look at the Biblioburro blog!


  1. Of course, you could combine all your blogs into one new one. :<) I did read the biblioburro piece on your other blog, and loved it.

  2. The problem with that would be expecting anyone to read half a dozen entries every day. Not sure I've got visitors dedicated enough for that!


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