Tuesday, 4 November 2008


The most exciting thing I have done this past week is make loaves of bread. (How sad is that!!!) I have thoroughly enjoyed playing with my new toy, a bread-making machine that Jo gave me for my birthday. The only disadvantage is that I have been eating more bread than I ought! And, since I am a bit like my Mum and have bread with my butter rather than the other way round, I dread to think what this last week has done to my cholesterol level.

Yesterday I made my first loaf from scratch. Prior to that I had been using the pre-made kits that you simply empty into the bread-maker with the correct amount of water. This time I did all the ingredients myself and I was really pleased with the outcome. The white loaf on the right is a ‘kit’ one and the one on the left and below is my one from ingredients. I suspect there will be a few bread recipes appearing on my recipe blog in the near future.

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