Monday, 24 November 2008

Bring Back Margaret Thatcher

Having spent a few more minutes of my life following the goings on in American politics it suddenly occurred to me that in all my years of blogging I couldn’t recall having once mentioned British politics – except as an adjunct to some comment on the environment.

Could it be because we don’t hype up our politicians quite as much as the Americans or could it simply be that our politicians nowadays are so wooden that there’s nothing to write about. When did we last have a real personality in power (or bidding for it?). My daughters grew up in the Thatcher era, my son in the Blair days. Horrific though some of the former’s policies may have been at least they excited the general public to take an interest. Nowadays I suspect we could have a General Election without most of the public even realising it. And the “personalities” involved would be highly unlikely to cause street fighting by partisans.

“Bring Back Margaret Thatcher” - I didn’t say that; honest I didn’t. I didn’t even think it. Well, not really.


  1. Oh, but the Kinks would disagree! :<)

  2. Enter politics? Perhaps it's time for a Radical And Middle of the Political Spectrum, Environmentally Sound and be Caring to All Party - RAMPSESCAP for short. All we need are the Personailities (with a Capital P) to lead it, the writers to create the Manifesto, the PR machine, the workers on the ground to progress it - Ah! - forget it!


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