Sunday, 30 November 2008

The Return of the Attic Sale

Our return to doing attic sales after Jo's pleurisy proved a bit of a disaster! No other way of describing our attic sale on Saturday. It was only as we were packing up that we actually made our ‘table’ money and put ourselves into profit – by a massive £3.60. (That is assuming you don’t count the £2.00 spent on tea and mince pies, the £1 on a handbag, and the £1.90 on books. By my reckoning that made us £1.30 in the red.)

It was exceedingly misty and frosty when we packed the car which, as always, was full to the brim.

The weather put paid to my plans to take a sunny picture of Heswall Hall. There doesn’t seem to be one on the Internet, which is not surprising because it’s a pretty uninspiring piece of architecture.

We set up in plenty of time and had a wander around the other tables.

There were more customers than usual during the hour and a quarter that the sale takes place but sadly not at our table.

Ah well, another day perhaps...

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