Friday, 14 November 2008


I love Alesha Dixon's infectious laugh. The 30 year old was on 'Something for the Weekend' on Sunday and chuckled away in the kitchen. I tried to find a really good example of it to put on my Blog but the best I could do was this interview with Claudia last year on It Takes Two.

Alesha's wicked laugh has been variously described as "a laugh that would have made Sid James blush"; "a bone-shaking cackle"; and "a deafening and impressively filthy laugh".

Last week she won the Ultimate Confidence Award at the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women of the Year Awards. Quite a change from a year ago when she'd just lost her record contract and her husband of six years. Her husband had cheated on her with her best friend. But she gets daily revenge on Javine for nicking Harvey. "I feel sorry for my ex-husband's girlfriend as my name is tattooed on his arm. Ha ha! Imagine waking up next to someone every day and seeing their ex's name? It must be a nightmare." Now Javine is claiming that Harvey is abusing her. Alesha definitely gets the last laugh.

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