Saturday, 8 November 2008

Etsy and crips

I asked the other day about meme. No luck solving that one but another couple of terms have been solved in the meantime. I came across various references to Etsy Shops. After exploring a bit I found out that they are sites to buy and sell all things hand-made. They can be explored through

The other term was ‘crip’. Despite the fact that the three sites I came across it in were run by disabled bloggers it never occurred to me it was short for cripple. But that seems to be what it is. Google simply gave me “Slang for a crippled bird. A bird that has been shot and felled but is still alive”. I thought the term cripple was definitely not p.c. any more but it seems that if you are disabled it is OK to refer to yourself as a ‘bolshie crip’ or some such term.

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