Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The kitchen is in Wales

The kitchen is in Wales and the lounge is in North West England. No, the house isn’t that big, it’s just what our televisions tell us. The lounge and study TV is courtesy of Sky and sends us the programmes which accord with our Post Code. The kitchen TV works of a rooftop aerial (though not for much longer – it’s not clear enough for digital) and the nearest, clearest mast signals are across the water in Wales. As result the local news in the kitchen keeps us abreast with what is happening in Wales while that in the lounge / study are from North West England.

I quite enjoy being a part of two different worlds but there are odd occasions when it is quite frustrating. If, for example, I am in the middle of watching an interesting Friday night BBC2 documentary in the study and pop downstairs for a coffee I suddenly find myself just approaching half time in a fairly obscure Rugby match on BBC2 Wales.

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