Saturday, 22 November 2008


If you were looking forward to Europeana and exploring what it contained - hard cheddar.

The European Digital Library, Europeana, will not now relaunch until December after users overloaded its servers as soon as it started. Having experienced problems on Thursday, its first day, a messsage on the home page now reads: "The Europeana site is temporarily not accessible due to overwhelming interest after its launch (10 million hits per hour). We are doing our utmost to reopen Europeana in a more robust version as soon as possible. We will be back by mid-December."

By saying ' mid-December' they will hopefully get around the 10 million hits all happening in the same hour which is what occurred on 20th November. That's the problem when you announce the launch of anything on the Internet.

I look forward to trying again some time in 'mid-December'.. ....

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