Thursday, 26 November 2009

We have a new Egghead

My favourite quiz team, the Eggheads (Barry, Chris, Daphne, CJ, Kevin and Judith) have been joined by another one.

Pat has won the quiz show 'Are you an Egghead'  against 31 other contestants. A former winner of Mastermind and ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’, Pat Gibson will be a great addition to the team and CJ describes himself as being ‘in awe’ of Pat and Kevin.


  1. We also were following this young man's progress, and were thrilled when he won in the end. The amount of knowledge he has tucked up in the grey cells and his ability to' reason' out these hidden stores, is astounding.

    Thanks for posting about him.
    Love Granny

  2. I've been watching, too, and isn't it good when you can answer the questions correctly before the contestant?! :)

  3. I got some kind of nast error message when I tried to leave a comment, so I'm having another go...I watched this too, and felt very chuffed whenever I could answer a question correctly before the contestants! Long may the Eggheads continue. :)

  4. the egghead programme is the best. I look forward to it every evening.
    It is really exciting with the new egghead. Long live the Eggheads!!!


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