Sunday, 8 November 2009

Where Shall We Play Today

When I blogged about the picture book 'Where Shall We Play Today?" by Gilly Meredith I think I suggested that I might one day blog me reading it. I have yet to find out how to do that so instead I've put it on a webpage and if you click here, hopefully you can hear my dulcet tones. Or should that be dull set tones?



  1. BIG APPLAUSE!!! I absolutely adore that you have done this - shared it with us; if only I could put it in my pocket to treasure with me always.

    There truly is a special feeling to hear your voice, like a familiar member of my family - your words warm my heart and the story you've chosen - oh, so precious!

    I LOVE THIS!!!

    When I read mine aloud, as I shared once upon a time - I used the video feature on my camera and then uploaded onto my account with picasa/photobucket/flickr/youtube - there are a wide variety of choices. What I'd like to know is how you did yours? I don't suppose I know how to do that but I liked it very much. Very-very much ♥

  2. That was lovely. I can just imagine you reading it to Helen and Bryony.
    It worked very well!
    Canadian Chickadee

  3. Hi Heather, thanks for the lovely comment.

    I made the recording using a freeware download called Mp3MyMp3 from . I like this programme so much I gave them a small donation. I would rather give a donation to good freeware makers than pay a fortune to Mr Gates and Co. for stuff that, half the time, is not as good.

    Then I wrote it into a spare webpage on the server I use for Jo's business website and various other odds and ends. To make webpages I use another free piece of software called Hippie but there are lots of others and I believe you can use Microsft Office. But it all depends on you having a website of your own in the first place.

  4. Excellent story-telling John. I will post the link to my granddaughter in Germany. I am thinking of all ways to keep her English language, as she doesn't get much practice now.
    I had a nice rummage round after hearing the story, and went on to find your book site and then your photography site... you are a busy chap!

    Well done
    Love Granny


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