Monday, 16 November 2009

Who am I?

In a comment yesterday, Valerie asked me “Hi John, may I call you John or would you prefer CJ?”.

I answer to anything, Valerie – well almost. Most of my family call me John. My brother, GB (who has his own name dilemmas), calls me CJ.   To my children, I'm Dad.   To one of my nieces I'm Uncle John.

My former work name and the one my Dad used was Clive (the first part of the CJ). Of course, in some cases in work I was called Mr. Edwards or  'Assistant Chief Executive'.   In another aspect of my work I was ‘Company Secretary’.  One of my staff even called me 'Boss' but in the friendliest of terms and never really seriously!  Elsewhere I was ‘Chairman’. I expect I had other titles but thankfully a few years of retirement have made me forget them. Although it’s rare nowadays the occasional shop assistant will call me ‘Sir’.   The postman calls me ‘My Mate’.    The man in the fish market calls me ‘Squire’ (a commonly used Liverpool term). When I was a teenager I was a bit taken aback when a male bus conductor in Leeds called me 'Love'. I did have long hair at the time but was very relieved to find out that in Leeds it was common for blokes to call each other 'Love'. Things I have been called in more intimate moments with folk will hopefully go with me to my grave - I certainly ain't sharing them on a blog!

Some fellow bloggers call me Scriptor or Scriptor Senex, or even SS. And I have been known to respond to ‘Hey, You.’

As my Nana used to say –“ You can call me anything you like just don't call me late for dinner.”

All the best,


  1. A fun and enjoyable post. In explaining the Identity Property of Multiplication (Z x 1 = Z) I often tell my students of my "alias." Sometimes 1 is 5/5 or 12/12, etc. But it's still 1. And you? As you signed off: you are still "me."


  2. That's lovely. Another great humourous blog.
    Thanks, John.
    Canadian Chickadee

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I loved this! So many names, but all seem quite happy and friendly! We say that "Just don't call me late for dinner" about Wilson alllll the time! That is so funny! I'm sure, no matter what, you are so very well respected!

  4. I love this post. Thanks, John.

  5. Fun post, S.S., CJ, Clive John, John, er....
    Fun post!

  6. Yes, that has got me thinking of all my nicknames over the years. Maybe I should do a post - nah, I think some of them, like Madam Lash, will be too hard to explain. I'll think about it. Did enjoy reading about all your various names, though. Good post.

  7. Adorable!

    Might I add one that you do not respond well too?



  8. Great post, in my mind I'll think of you as CJ. I do enjoy popping in here.

    Just to be a boring cat lover type - would you please give an update on Meek - eating any more at all? any purrs? signs of loving life again? Meek has such beautiful markings and a very expressive face,

    care and huggles to you all, Michelle (a self confessed complete pussycat pushover)

  9. Hi, er, John! It seems I stirred up a good post here. Loved it, by the way, and I won't press for details about that bus conductor ... the saucy thing. Anyway I'm glad we've got everything sorted ... I did hate calling you SS.

  10. "When I was a teenager I was a bit taken aback when a male bus conductor in Leeds called me 'Love'" ..... that brought a smile to my face CJ.

    On a different topic, but not completely unrelated, I recall a time when I made a phone call regarding some HiFi unit for sale. The chap at the other end had such a wimpy-female voice, that I politely asked if I could speak to your husband. He quickly cleared his throat, and retorted, "I am the husband!".

    Goes without saying that I was mortified. Of course I laugh at it now.



  11. I like these small glimpses into the REAL us. I am Ginger to most everyone I know, teachers used to call me Virginia - as in Virginia (ginger)LaVerne Gale Vanstaveren-Machnizh. I was pretty startled when here even a shop girl will say 'meu amor' my love...
    seems very personal to a straight laced American. They even come up and hug / kiss on either cheek after you've been in the shop more than once... to us very forward. The only person not this forward is the maid - she keeps definit lines between us.

  12. Interesting to learn about the C, I have been wondering. What is it with your family and all your names... ;)

    No one ever used my middle one, I would not react if anyone called me by it, thinking they were addressing someone else...

    Also makes me wonder what is it with the name Clive; thinking of my favourite author C.S. Lewis. C.S. stands for Clive Staples but he was called Jack!

    Monica Christina

  13. So where does Scriptor Senex come from?

  14. Congratulations to Helen and Ian!
    Or as my niece Natalie would say,


    Yes, I think that covers it.
    Canadian Chickadee

  15. I get the same, one name with seven variations and my dad only called me by a variation of my middle name. Everyone was confused but me.

  16. Good question, Cheshire Wife, I should have thought to answer that in the post itself.
    I have always had a love of Latin (yes, some of us are weird like that) and often tend to use iot in solving crosswords, quizzes, etc. When it came to seeking a name for my blogging identity I wanted one that would be different and easdily recognised so I chose to turn 'Old Writer' into Latin and use that.

  17. Ingenious. Thank you for your answer.


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