Wednesday, 25 November 2009

On Comments

Firstly isn’t it sad that a number of bloggers nowadays feel they have to preface any recommendation with words like – “I was in no way compensated for / persuaded to / asked to do this post.” It never occurs to me to make that statement. Everything I recommend I do because it has given me joy or pleasure or I just feel the need to share it. I suppose some bloggers are being paid to promote products and that is what the fuss is about. The only sign I see of that is the occasional commenter who insists on trying to make some obscure connection between my blog and their product. Needless to say their comments just get rejected any way.

Then how about this one as an example. It could be something relevant and complimentary but when you check the person who posted it all their blog is about is Viagra. Reject!

Some of them, of course, deserve an A for effort if nothing else – like the chap who has written a biography of Enid Blyton and tries to leave a comment on virtually every posting I do on my book blog. He must spend hours trying to find the most tenuous connections between the book being reviewed and his work. I wonder if he ever checks back and realises that every single comment of his has been rejected!!!

P.S. By coincidence Mark blogged on the same subject yesterday!


  1. The "phishers" and hackers are really annoying -- I had so much trouble with my Facebook acct. I finally had to close it. Something -- or someone -- kept sending stuff out without my permission or knowledge -- it just suddenly appeared on everybody's web page. I was so annoyed. I only opened the Facebook acct. so that I could follow my niece's photos of her two children, but I guess I'll have to wait until she sends me stuff the old fashioned way.
    Canadian Chickadee

  2. Yes John a lot of dross out there, I should know¬!!
    A rather hasty and cavalier rejection of Viagra, I have no connection with the marketing of this product, cheers.

  3. I obviously have been either lucky or attracted so little interest that no one bothers. I'm sure that I shouldn't have said that!

  4. I've not had a whole lot of this kind of commenting but it happens. The Enid Blyton is familiar; it did appear on a post where I'd actually mentioned her name but I still ended up deleting that one...

    I was sort of half-amused by a comment from someone recently (complete stranger to me) who wanted to "exchange links" using the argument that his site was already reaching out to millions of people... Yeah. Right. That one I actually let stand but answered to...


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