Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Meek – an update

Just to let folk know that Meek appears to be back to normal. He is eating well and only occasionally seems to have a coughing fit. Whether he is fully better or simply hiding his symptoms better it is hard to know and we do have to bear in mind that he is nearly 15 – an age almost unheard of for a cat born with FIV. Nevertheless we are looking on the positive side and enduring his increasingly bouncy arrival on the bed in the middle of the night with a smile.


  1. So glad to hear Meek is doing better.
    Canadian Chickadee

  2. Hope that Meek just keeps getting better and better!

  3. Must be on the mend if he's taking the Meek again.
    Glad he's feeling better, suspect he is too.


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