Saturday, 14 November 2009

The Strictly Goddess

Craig got knocked out of this year’s Strictly Come Dancing last weekend. And not before time. He has rightly been described as looking like someone’s Dad dancing at a disco. But, sadly, he takes with him the most beautiful girl on the programme - Flavia Cacace. (See here for a fine portrait of her.)

I think she looks like an Egyptian Pharaoh’s wife and can give Nefertiti a run for her money.

And, what is more, she seems to be one of the nicest of the professional dancers and has both a serious side and a sense of fun.  She knew she had dragged Craig far further than he could have been expected to go but was still very supportive.

I wonder who will depart the show on tonight's programme? I hope it's not Chris Hollins. I think he's a really nice chap and he did score 34 for his Foxtrot last week!

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