Sunday, 15 November 2009

Rambling around the shops (and elsewhere)

Partner-who-loves-tea and I found a new cafe in Birkenhead this week. It is called BeOffee and whilst the cakes were not spectacular the coffee was very good. I had my traditional latté and Jo had what is becoming her regular Cappuchino. This is about the third time recently she has not had tea in a café. It’s a good job she is still downing tea by the gallon at home or I would have to change her name.

Shopping in the Co-op I came across one of GB’s favourite substances – Marmite. I’m amazed that they get away with their ‘love it or hate it’ type advertising campaigns but this is the latest version.

Apart from a couple of very brief spells it has been a very wet few weeks. In between the showers it has rained. Grey, grey, grey.

I seem to be getting into the habit of recommending a post a week as I ramble around my fellow bloglings and this week I can only bow down in utter admiration to Saz for her post on Mad Manic Mamas. Anyone with children at home (I advisedly don’t say teenage because children at home never seem to grow beyond teenage years until they leave...) should read her Charter (and the comments of other MMM readers who have torn their hair out by the roots on frequent occasions).

On Saturday I spent the morning shopping in Heswall. On the whole the shops there are fairly unexciting but the local key maker, shoe repairer and engraver has this little mechanical cobbler in his window - hammering away all day long.

Finally, I would just like to say a big thank you to all those wonderful young people who stand on motorway slip roads (in any weather) holding up boards telling us motorists where the motorway leads.

May your road lead somewhere pleasant today.


  1. I like the sound of the BeOffee cafe.
    And though I love all things English, there is one thing that I think is distinctly overrated and can be dispensed with -- Marmite! Our family split 50/50 on whether Marmite is good or horrid -- I come down in the later camp, though my brother-in-law swore by it and never missed starting his day with Marmite and toast. Fortunately (unforatunately?) Marmite is readily available in Canada. Though I much prefer Empress strawberry jam!
    Canadian Chickadee

  2. On the subject of rain, I have written a haiku for you:

    Fast fly the grey clouds
    Fat umbrella buds blossom

    Think that fits the definition of 17 syllables....
    Have a good (if soggy) day!
    Canadian Chickadee

  3. Hi John, may I call you John or would you prefer CJ?

    I adore your sense of humour, I really do, thinking now of the Munchen sign carrier. And there was me thinking those people were trying to cadge lifts. Just goes to show....

    Turning to the Marmite jars, I haven't seen them, but I guess I'll have to avoid the 'hate' one.

  4. Your comment under the last picture is a corker!

  5. The answer - Valerie - will apear in a posting tomorrow!!!

  6. Hi. Thank you for the comment on my blog. I enjoyed reading this post and I like the look of the BeOffee Cafe. I drink tea by the gallons too, from the time I wake up in the morning until I go to bed.

    I wasn't sure which blog of yours to start with so I chose this one and I turns out I picked well, being that this is your main blog.

  7. Oh, no! I don't beeelieeve it! I left off the last line of my haiku:

    Fast fly the grey clouds (5)
    Fat umbrella buds blossom (7)
    Shoppers scurry -- rain! (5)

    That should be better. Sorry 'bout that!@


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