Monday, 23 November 2009

Rambling on diverse topics of a serendipitous nature

Here’s a recycling idea for the day – what to do with some costume jewellery that is past its best. Instead of paying a few hundred pounds for some Jimmy Choo shoes with diamantes on them why not get a pair of ordinary shoes and clip on a pair of clip-on earrings. Or you could accessorise a handbag with a brooch or earring.

Taylor Swift was on “Something for the Weekend” on Sunday. Despite the fact that she is the number one selling artist in the world I hadn’t actually heard of her until she was on the ‘Children in Need’ programme but I have to say I was impressed – both with her singing and with her as a personality. In other words she has a personality and can express herself well! At nineteen that often takes some doing. She is also unspoiled by her success – I hope she stays that way.

And talking of “Children in Need” I was amazed – as most British people probably will be – to learn that in Britain:-
4 million children live in households below the poverty line (Britain’s definition of poverty, of course, does not compare with poverty in some countries but even so it’s a horrifying figure);
1 child a week dies as a result of cruelty;
100,000 children a year run away from home;
750,000 children are disabled;
175,000 children are caring for a relative;
25,000 children are living with life-threatening illnesses.
Despite the recession the appeal has raised over £20 million pounds for projects which do things like providing refuges for children subject to cruelty; helping to keep children off the streets; helping disabled children to achieve their goals; providing relief to children who are carers and giving them an opportunity to be carefree for a while; and many more besides.

The Cumbrian town of Workington was cut in half on Sunday as police closed the final surviving bridge amid fears that it will collapse into a flooded river. The Calva Bridge was closed after the main deck sank about a foot and a large crack appeared in the central arch over the River Derwent. It is about half a mile upstream from the Northside Bridge, where PC Bill Barker was swept to his death as it collapsed last Friday. A smaller foot bridge in between the two has also collapsed.

An investigation into the safety of all 1,800 bridges in Cumbria began on Sunday following the heaviest rainfall since records began.   Heavy rain was expected in the region again on Sunday afternoon and evening.  I remember Mum telling me about floods washing the cook out of a window of the Rosthwaite Hotel in Borrowdale in her youth.  By coincidence an amateur video was put on the web last night showing the water flooding past another hotel in Borrowdale as the River Derwent and Derwentwater rose and flooded much of the valley.  This has been described as a 'once in a thousand years' flood in the Cumbria area.

On the motor racing scene Jenson Button has left the Brawn team and signed for McLaren.   

Nearer to home, Slovak international Martin Skrtl scored his first goal for Liverpool FC in his 65th game against Manchester City on Saturday afternoon. Yet again Liverpool ended up drawing (2-2) - only one win in ten games. Even though it was against arch-enemies Man Utd, it is not good enough. To use the classic phrase "Someone needs to do something!"

After some of those sad stories here is a Good Thing:- A couple of my former work colleagues came for supper on Friday and not only brought the traditional cakes (to accompany my provision of the savouries) but some beautiful flowers and a pot plant. I love it when friends bring flowers.


  1. I agree about Taylor Swift. We watched a program about her and she seems very genuine.
    Lovely flowers. Such a thoughtful thing to do. That says alot about how they feel about you!

  2. Yes, Bruv. I love people bringing flowers too. Friend Who Knows Too Much often brought flowers because she knows me so well. Wendy brings roses and replenishments for The Cottage. But people say. You can't take flowers to a (they imply 'real') man. Rubbish. of course you can. Why shouldn't some men like flowers. Some women like cars!

  3. Happy to bring my Taylor Swift cd with me at Christmas if you like.

  4. A "pot plant" obviously needs some explaining in some parts of the world. It is not the basics required for a quick smoke! It is an abbreviation of the term potted plant - i.e. a plant with its roots on (usually for indoors) as opposed to cut flowers.

  5. Lovely flowers to brighten up a rainy day. And by the way your weather reports lately make the Swedish November weather feel almost dry. It's raining here too but not quite like that...

  6. I love stuff which is serendpitous. Some of my favourite books and antiques (read "used", or "junk") are serendipitous finds.

    So sorry to hear about the continued bad weather. Ours has been wet but nothing like yours, though I did cave and buy a new umbrella the other day.

    Take care, and stay dry!
    Canadian Chickadee


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