Thursday, 12 November 2009




  1. I always attributed that to Pooh 'cos it's the sort of thing he would have said. I looked it up yonks ago and I think it was actually supposed to have been said by Ogden Nash who wrote the words to The Carnival of the Animals. My favourite quote of his is: 'Progress might have been all right once, but it has gone on too long.'

  2. According to my sources this is 'often misattributed to Goden Nash'. Since I've never read his 'complete works' - if there is such a thing - I don't know whether he wrote it or not!

  3. Just found this poem:-

    Anonymous wrote so much verse,
    with honeyed peas among 'em,
    and all the songs from bad to worse
    we know from having sung 'em.

  4. I've always loved this quote, no matter where it comes from. And you're right, some of our best stuff has been penned by good 'ol anonymous!
    Thx, Canadian Chickadee


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