Saturday, 21 November 2009

I hope I am not !!!

I hope I'm never one of these -

Or these for that matter -

And this was the word verification word on a recipe posting -

And, most times, my one of these is good!


  1. l'm just soooo impressed of your saving your screen to jpg!!!wow

  2. Hi FFF. If you have Vista there is a little thing called a snipping tool which you can use. Instructions for using it can be found here.

    In Windows XP - which I use - you can use the Prt Scr (Print Screen) button on the keyboard. Then paste into Paint or a similar programme and crop the bit you want. Hope that helps.

  3. I'm overawed at your command of computer wizardry, and rather liked the optional name, too!

  4. I've have to get into the habit of saving these, a couple of days ago I actually got 63½ as the first half of a recapture!

    It took me a few minutes to paste in the ½ symbol, and I wondered what most people would answer- 63.5? Sixty-three-and-a-half?

  5. Hello, thanks a lot for your comment, it was a lovely caress on my ego and it felt very good to be understood
    On the matter relevant to your post, I use print screen with paint often to get pictures I like

  6. Just stopping by, John, to wish you a wonderful holiday, and good health in the new year!


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