Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Warthogs and Banded Mongooses

I went to Chester Zoo on Monday. It doesn’t matter how many times I go there are always new things to see. Sometimes it is because they swap animals with other zoos and collections. Sometimes it is an animal that has previously always been in hiding. And sometimes it is a species that is entirely new to the zoo.

I have never seen a Warthog before and I was fortunate enough to arrive at their field just as they were being fed.

It was great watching them argue with the Banded Mongooses (Mongeese??) over the fruit. A Warthog might be a heck of a lot bigger than the little mongoose but that didn’t stop the latter from pinching food from under their snouts and snarling aggressively if they were pushed off.

I had never realised that when Warthogs eat food off the ground they kneel down on the front knees – a strange thing to see.

I took 763 photos at the zoo so there are still many to sort and edit but some of the butterfly photos can be seen on my Pensby Blog which is where previous zoo trips have generally been posted.


  1. I do believe that first photo is my old boss. I had no idea he was out of the country. 763 photos? I thought I was doing something great the other day when I took 56. Guess not.

    These are really great shots. I didn't know you had another blog. I'll have to check that out.

  2. I cannot recall when I last went to a Zoo. It was many years ago anyway. It's not something I would ever think of doing but perhaps if you are free one day....

  3. I've always wanted to know what a warthog looked like. Thanks for filling in that gap!

  4. There is nothing like a visit to the zoo. You have inspired me...I may try to go very soon!

  5. I do think I even like warthogs as much as the pig. They have such character, don't they? Look at the difference in size (with the baby vs. adult).

    And it is quite interesting that they bend on their knee for food on the ground. Nice butt shot :o)


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