Friday, 24 April 2009

Of blogs and frogs and things getting in the way...

I schedule many of my posts so they are written in advance and are posted just after Midnight (BST). This means not having to worry about meeting my target of one or two posts a day. If I schedule one in advance it also leaves me free to write and add another one thereby giving the Blog a bit of spontaneity.

Sometimes the scheduling is only a few hours in advance, others may be written days in advance with a few of them stacked up ready to be posted.

At the moment I have hardly any scheduled ones. It’s more like Scrambling from my Chair! I obviously need to sit down at the computer and spend a few hours preparing some. But things keep getting in the way.

I had planned to do some yesterday but my fishpond with its newly arrived fish decided to spring a leak so it was a merry day emptying out water, stones and fish, re-lining and then filling up with stones, water and, oh yes, the fish... I had forgotten how heavy water can be when you are talking about many gallons of the stuff.... Meanwhile, no sooner had I put a bit of water in the new liner than a frog jumped down into the pond. Then another...

Hopefully I shall get some blogs done today....


  1. ...oh the pressure of it all :o)...

  2. What a huge amount of work! We had a teeny pond (with no fish) a few years back, and we were astonished at how much work it was to keep it clean! Kudos to you my friend!

  3. By the looks of GB's pond and all the 100's of tadpoles, he is going to have problems with housing them all (or is it ponding them all?)

    Do they all live or is there a high mortality rate with tadpoles?

    lol P x

  4. Regerattably, Spesh, the mortality rate is enormous. However, there should be enough to ensure the next generation or two by the sound of it! If you got D. to dig a pond they'd have somewhere else to live as well! (But if you do, please don't tell him I suggested it - or blame me if he puts his back out!)

  5. No chance of a pond in my back garden SS. Hell could freeze over first. Frogs and toads really give him the HeBeGeBees!! Funny really, as he will pick anything else up without a second thought but frogs and toads - no way. x


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