Friday, 17 April 2009

I hope it rains today

My apologies to those folk in Pensby who want to get out in the garden today but I hope it rains!

If it rains I shan’t be tempted to go and mow the lawn and weed and do all the other jobs which are crying out for attention outdoors. It’s not that I don’t enjoy them but I have so much else to do. Apart from having a book to read (of course), some new embroidery that I’m dying to start, and some cooking / cleaning / cat care that requires my attention I have loads to do on the computer.

I’m about four or five book reviews behind in my book blog. I have to peruse some fascinating old photos of Liverpool that jamese has brought to my attention, there are e-mails to send and a couple of e-bay auctions to watch. I want to bring my list of flowers in the garden up to date and link it to photos. I also need to update my list of books read. Then there are bits of family history stuff and jewellery to list. The layout of this blog needs changing to split up my list of blogs to visit because it has got too long. I want to write a piece about Sparrowhawks for my Pensby blog because we had one in the garden yesterday. I need to fix up Jo’s new laptop for Skype and BBC i-player and various other programmes. Jo’s business invoice heading needs revising. There are printer cartridges to order. I’ve got photos and albums to scan in and my anorexic bank account needs to have some creative accounting.

Yes, a little rain would not go amiss today.


  1. I can add to your list with more "I should do's". So maybe if we both do a rain dance we will get our wish.
    Somehow the jobs either get longer or I am getting slower. Either way they are piling up.
    Good luck with your endeavours today, it is raining cats and dogs here (South East) at the moment...Te He.
    Say Hello to oop north for me, I hail from Southport.

    Love Granny

  2. Well, it rained here last night (read deluged) and it's not looking too good right now. Loved your description of your anorexic bank account! Still chuckling happily over it. Good luck with the creative accounting too and hopefully it will rain today for you. Warm wishes, Vxx

  3. I suppose that it must be some consolation that you at least have time to list all the things that need doing!

    Looking forward to the sparrowhawk blog.

  4. With such a long list of things that need doing I'd say a good rain is called for. Hope that works out for you. :)

  5. Well it rained all morning here, was half a day enough!

  6. By the time I've read this, you can tell me...did it rain today?

    I'm reading this, becoming overwhelmed with so much to I remember why I don't make lists :o).

    Although...what's worse, having the thoughts go round-n-round in my head or having them on paper, where I can allow them to stay and have the choice to look at? Hmmm.

    Hope that you've found accomplishment in atleast a few of these listed today, my busy friend.

  7. It rained for part of the day but all to no avail. Driven to bed with a migraine and when I finally got up it was Saturday - c'est la vie!


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