Friday, 24 April 2009

Anderson's Salamander

This is an Anderson's Salamander ( Ambystoma andersoni) from Lake Zacapu in Mexico. It is a critically endangered species, first discovered in 1984 and this photo was taken at Chester Zoo. Without programmes like those run by responsible zoos like Chester many more species would be extinct. The object of their breeding programmes is not only to keep species alive but also, in time, return them to the wild. These salamanders are totally aquatic and spend their whole lives in the same body of water. Lake Zacapu is small lake near Zacapu, sitting at an altitude of 2000 meters.

According to Amy Judd of Vancouver "Salamanders are declining rapidly in areas like Central America, and scientists studying them have attributed this to global warming. Two species are already extinct and a few others are losing numbers so quickly that they look like they are heading towards extinction as well. Just like some frogs, a type of fungus, called chytrid, seems to be responsible for this decline, but it could also be global warming." However, according to David Wake, a scientist studying them in Central America, neither of these factors could be responsible for the reduction of population in that area. Whatever the cause they are exceedingly rare.


  1. It's sad that so many species seem to be slipping away. Salamanders being an indicator species, tell about the health of the general environment. If salamanders go, can we humans be far behind?

  2. I have to admit, I'm not much of a fan of salamanders and the like - I prefer my animals furry, I suppose - but your photos are great. I might even accidently learn a thing or two!

  3. Isn't there alot of deforestation in that area? Certainly that might explain a bit of it?

  4. Wouldn't like to meet this chap on a swim!
    He looks very cross!

    Good information.

    Love Granny


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