Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Grey squirrels galore

Jen has been posting a lot of photos of her squirrel lately and I was inspired to hunt out mine from a few years ago when they used to visit the caravan.

At first they were a nuisance – scaring the birds off the seed feeders and bird tables.

Then their antics just made me fall in love with them.

Not the most elegant of poses.

The most amusing thing (for me if not for them) was watching the occasional accident like baby squirrels discovering that ponds were made of water and this chap who kept falling off the seed feeder.

I know lots of people don’t like Grey Squirrels but even when they chewed through the caravan gas line I retained a soft spot for them.

We have Grey Squirrels at home but sadly they are not as tame as the caravan ones were.

(Please note - you are always welcome to borrow my photos but I would appreciate a mention if you do so. Thanks.)


  1. You've got quite some great poses here. What a treat!!! I love these little critters.

    If ever you'd be interested in sharing some of your photos for the backgrounds that I make, let me know. Of course, I'd put a link over to wherever you'd like or even add a ".com" to the background of your photo. ~just a thought :o)

  2. Very nice shots. These little critters can be so cute to watch.

  3. Oh my gosh! They are so cute! I miss them. Not enough trees in this part of AZ!
    What great shots you've taken!
    After the squirrels kept eating all the bird seed at our house in CA, we finally put up a squirrel feeder that has a seat for them to sit on while they hold and chew ears of dried corn. They loved them.

  4. Heather - you are welcome to use them anytime and for something like a background no acknowledgement is needed because it would spoil it.

    Shabby Girl - I tried our squirrels at the caravan and at home on corn and they ignored it completely. I thought it was a myth simply designed to sell corn in garden centres but now I know it's true I'll try again some time.

  5. Oh! I love them! You got some amazing and really funny shots. Sooo cute!

  6. I just love our squirrels. They're so entertaining and watching William watching them is hilarious.

  7. Very nice nature shots, your timing is perfect. I find it so tricky to keep moving animals and birds in the viewfinder for that ideal shot...good stuff, thanks.

  8. How could anyone be upset with something that cute??? :)


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