Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter is a moveable Feast

Easter is a moveable feast and yet I cannot recall an Easter when it has not been wall to wall blue sky for much of the week-end. Traditionally I use the week-end for making a really good start on the garden. I clear out the dead wood and old plant stems, mow the lawn for the first time, trim the edges, plant seeds and so on. A couple of times - many years ago - we went away for the week-end and I can recall playing in the warm sunshine.

This year (if we ignore a little blip of rain for part of Friday) is another beautiful one. But the garden is long-since cleared up and mown – in fact it needs a second grass cutting and has had its ‘Weed and Feed’ on weeks ago. Such has been the pleasant weather we had for much of March.

But, and this is what I was really writing about, how come it is always such nice weather? Virtually every other Bank Holiday weekend during the year can be guaranteed to rain (unless you are stuck in a traffic jam on a motorway in which case it will be roasting sunshine that makes everyone car sick and irritable).

Even now that the children are too old for Easter eggs it’s a wonderful week-end.

P.S. Thursday conversation:-
Jo – Rich, your Dad asked me if I thought you’d like an Easter Egg, I said no.
Richard – No, I’ll have a CD instead though.
There’s nothing like an opportunistic Scouser!

I hope you had / are having a wonderful Easter.

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  1. Love that bunny comic. Someone emailed it to me and I printed it out and hung it in my classroom last year. :)

    Happy Easter!


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