Saturday, 18 April 2009

The Fish Pond

Yesterday, rain or no rain, I decided that the fish had to be sorted. When we put the new fish in the pond a few days ago I was horrified to see how dirty the water was. As a result I spent an hour yesterday emptying the pond and its gravel and partially re-filling it. There was a lot of gravel and a lot of water. Heavy stuff gravel and heavy stuff water. I also had to move a lot of the bricks that hold the tank in place. By the end of the job I had a migraine, a clean fish pond and an extra fish! When I came to empty the fish out I was surprised to find we had four large ones instead of the three we had just bought. The last of our fish – that we assumed had died over the winter – had obviously been hiding in the plants and dirty water.


  1. Goldfish always look so comical. All they ever say is "op... op... op... op..."

  2. I am just catching up with some reading, Sir - Work doesn't half get in the way of reading and writing!

    I love your fishies and how you have captured them...

    Your embroidery is such art - Have you always sewn so well, might I ask?

  3. I started embroidery about five years ago and then had to give up for a while because of a dodgy thumb. Fortunately the thumb is now OK and I thoroughly enjoy doing it. It gets better with everything I do but I still don't know many fancy stitches yet - they are mostly just simple stitches.

  4. How wonderful to have a fish pond! It's great that you had a litle survivor in there hiding. How resourceful of him to be able to find enough to eat all winter! Well, the pond is sure to give you a lot of joy now that spring is here.

  5. Yay for the survivor fish! And for you in the triumph of "finding" him in beautifying a lovely piece of created nature.


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