Friday, 10 April 2009


My postings about things that bring back memories for people seem among the most popular that I write. Today, after another dip into the jewellery box, I have come up with hatpins.

This mother of pearl one is six inches long and just the sort of thing to feature as the murder weapon in an Agatha Christie. I suspect that if one walked around with one’s hat pinned to one’s head with this nowadays one would be inviting instant arrest for carrying an offensive weapon.

Even these at four inches long could inflict a fair old injury. Seriously, I wonder if anyone ever uses these nowadays?


  1. I haven't seen a hatpin in many years, but I remember my grandmother having them. Some of them were quite elaborate, but, now that you mention it, quite dangerous!

  2. Imagine trying to go through airport security!!!
    So funny, my mother wears a straw type hat when her hair is unruly, and she uses a big, I mean BIG, needle to attach it to her hair, in leiu of a hat pin! Yikes!

  3. Simple and beautiful! I think that airport security would be much more difficult if women still wore hats with pins like that!
    Yes, they do evoke nostalgic memories. My mother has a cushion with several from my grandmother and great-grandmother.

  4. One of those things I think I first read about back
    in my childhood in Mary Norton's "Borrowers" books, without ever having seen one. The Borrowers found them very useful for climbing up curtains... ;-)

    With modern flat hairstyles, I can't imagine they would be of much use holding down a hat...?

  5. I never wore a hat pin and certainly wouldn't now even though I wear a brimmed hat a lot in NZ because of the sun. The problem is that I have insufficient hair through which to attach it. Apart from that there might be the odd question raised....

  6. Very nice close shots. Thanks for the look back. My mother wore hats occasionally and she used hat pins. It never made sense to me to stick those scary looking things in ones hair.


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