Monday, 27 October 2008


This week, for the second time running, the Sunday show outdid the Saturday show. And, once again, GB and I agree on the result. Andrew and Ola had to dance again which they didn’t deserve. Fortunately they survived.

Quite rightly Mark and Hayley lost out and departed. It's a shame when pleasant people go out but at the end of the day one has to remember that the programme is actually about dancing!

But John, once again, survived on personality, he’ll be missed when he finally does get voted off... Despite what I said above, for a while there needs to be a poor dancer to show how the others have improved and progressed. And everyone, male and female, has fallen in love with John Sergeant.

But what am I to do over the next weeks? GB is in New Zealand and won’t be getting to see the episodes until a few weeks have passed. So if I comment on Strictly he’ll know in advance what’s going on... Problems, problems!

I think, unless GB can come up with a better solution, I’ll put it on my News Blog and in this blog simply refer to the fact that I’ve made an entry. That way GB can avoid the News Blog for a while.

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