Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Deep thoughts on scanning photos

For some time now I have been scanning into the computer some of my old photos. I had largely concentrated on natural history ones but I now have an added incentive to scan in old ones of people.

When we renewed our BT Broadband subscription we got a digital photo frame and Jo so enjoyed seeing some of the old photos on it that I’ve been scanning like mad. The problem is that I have so many photos I reckon it will take the next thirty eight years to make decent inroads into the job. Somehow I’m either going to need to find a way of speeding up the process or I’ll have to take up alchemy. I always thought the old alchemists were simply seeking to turn base metal into gold but it seems that was only half the story – they were also seeking eternal life. On second thoughts – who wants eternal life? Not I.



  1. O.K. John, now say that sheep are not cute! How cute is that lamb (yes, I know the technical difference between sheep and lambs - but one becomes the other if they are lucky.

  2. O.K. - but a) baby animals of all sorts are cute without the adult being so; and b) the person holding it is even cuter!

  3. Out of interest does your photo frame display your scanned photos correctly without messing about with resizing etc. or do they get a bit squashed/stretched.

    On the photo frame I have I have to resize them to an odd ratio to get them to work.

    If you have the same problem then let me know and I'll add your frame to my Convert4Frame app to make your life a little easier!

  4. Photo frame doesn't have any problems re-sizing. The only thing I've noticed (and the instructions did warn about it) is that very large photos take longer to load than the time to which it is set (presumably while it resizes them).

  5. Great that it works without tweaking the photos -- wish mine did that!

    I also have long load times with large photos. The best thing it sto resize them to the native resolution of the frame, which means they will load quicker and you can store more in the same space (on the frame or on a memory card, don't know which as I don't know which frame you have)

  6. I've resized most of mine but I don't have a space problem. It's a Viewfun frame and takes (inter alia) flash drives and 8Gb is enough even for me!


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