Friday, 31 October 2008

Moving the piano

It was a standard family joke that whenever Mum got restless she would move the furniture about. This could even involve swapping the dining room and living room over from front to back and vice versa. Even without changing the purpose of the rooms there was one item of furniture which seemed to alter its location on each occasion – the piano. Dad managed most jobs around the house on his own but moving the piano involved sending for Uncle Cyril across the road. So whenever Mum began to get restless someone would suggest we might be needing to send for Uncle Cyril...
As you may notice from my left hand column, I’ve done my own version of moving the furniture about. I hope you like the new format...
(Now all I have to do is work out a way of not giving the game away to GB when I post about Strictly...)


  1. Absolutely brilliant layout. Now that I am exiled to dial-up one of the problems is the size and time it takes to load everyone's blogs each day. This means that I don't have to I can click and load the ones that have a new posting. Not sure how you will overcome the Strictly problem though.

  2. I can solve the problem by always doing two postings so that the Strictly one is posted a minute or so before the next one and therefore is, effectively, never the most recent post. I suggest you just never visit the News Blog. I have also reduced the number of postings per page on each of my blogs to quicken loading times for you.


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