Saturday 25 October 2008


We read a lot about recycling things like plastic bags but how often do we come across imaginative uses for them? Here are a few I’ve picked up recently:-

Use as slip-on shoe or slipper covers if nipping out to the bin, etc, on a rainy or muddy day.

Children can put them over their socks and inside their boots if going out to play in the rain or snow. (Ah yes, snow – I remember that stuff!)

As emergency gloves to pick up something nasty – including the occasional pet accident or odd slug or snail that may decide to make its way indoors at this time of year.

Make a seat cover that stays in place by putting two holes in the bottom of the plastic bag and pulling the bag over the front two legs of the chair.

Make a child's Smock or Paint Shirt: Cut a plastic bag down the middle of one side (between handles). Slip arms through handles and clip the back closed to protect their shirts from paint and other messy art projects.

Nearly everyone I know recycles their toilet roll and kitchen roll tubes by composting them or putting them in the paper/cardboard bin for the Council. But what about these imaginative alternatives from a teachers’ site:-

1. Group wires and cords together as they exit the television or computer, or tidy up long extension cords.

2. A place to wrap loose elastics.

3. As a holder for string or yarn. Take this one step further and use them as a kite handle for children.

4. Stuff them full of plastic grocery bags and keep the tube in the car for handy access.

5. Prevent clothing hanger creases: Cut the tube lengthwise and put it over a hanger to keep pants or sweaters from creasing.

6. Tape a few together to create a pencil and pen holder.

7. Hold a rolled piece of paper: Use it to take rolled notices or artwork home in place of an elastic. This works especially well because the rolls can be labled with each child’s name.

8. Rodent toys: If you have a classroom hamster, each student can get a turn to decorate a tube for the hamster to play in!

9. Seed starters: Cut the tubes into smaller tubes and use to start seeds in the spring.

10. Organize Christmas holiday lights: Wrap lights around the outside of a wrapping paper tube to keep them from getting tangled.

I especially like the idea of number 9. I can see me using it in the Spring.

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  1. When I was being lectured in the supermarket a few days ago by an enthusiastic and extremely irritating young (male) check-out assistant on why I should not be using plastic bags I pointed out that a) I usually put my groceries directly from the trolley into a box in the car b) that I used the plastic bags that I did take and c) that I very much objected to him anyone lecturing me like that. Quite undeterred he responded that if I needed plastic bags then I could quite easily just buy them.


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