Friday, 10 October 2008

Attic Sales

Jo and I have gone from selling at the Flea Market to Attic Sales – at least for the time being. It’s lovely to be indoors and to be able to get up at a reasonable time of day and only be busy for an hour or two.

And there is an additional bonus that we hadn’t appreciated when we first started doing them. You can buy stuff very cheaply. Obviously stuff is cheap at the flea market but the traders have a fair idea of what they can get for the items and any new person who comes along to clear their parent’s house or whatever is pounced upon for the real bargains. Getting to their stall first – usually as they are unloading – depends on keeping your own stall safe from theft at the same time.

At the attic sales nearly everyone is an amateur and the bargains can be enormous. In the past couple of weeks we have got:-

A Hewlett Packard 1205 Printer / Scanner / Photocopier. As new with instructions, CD of drivers, etc. - £4. Exactly what Jo needed for her office. (retail price £79 + VAT) – a saving of £75.00

A Brevill Bread Making Machine (to be my birthday present and about which I shall no doubt blog further) with instructions and cookery books - £8. (retail price £49.99 – a saving of £41.00)

Various books at prices from 20p to 50p.

A Labtec Webcam - £3.00 (retail price £15.00 – only a saving of £12.00 but, in my case the difference between not having one and having one!)

I wonder what next week will bring.

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