Monday, 13 October 2008

Google Searches

Some things you can put in a Google Search box..

[Wyrd Sisters –movie] If your search is returning movies and you wanted books try putting minus movie and vice versa......

[Wyrd Sisters –book]

[Liverpool: weather] provides weather report and forecast for place

[define: word] provides a list of definitions

[define:LOL] define can also be used for abbreviations, SMS language and jargon

[intitle: title of an article] finds an article by title

[an address] brings up a Google Map.

[what time is it in London] brings up time in the named place

[scriptor_senex] brings up url’s with the words in them

[blogging on the net filetype:pdf] Putting filetype: and the nature of the file type finds only answers of that file type

[Terry Pratchett,uk] search for something on a particular site

[insubject:windows xp fast shutdown] may find the subject you want within another subject

[] finds sites similar to the one listed

[link:] finds sites that link to a website

[gdp malta] Gross Domestic Product of Malta

[population malta] Population of Malta.

[capital malta] The capital of Malta.

[location malta] Rough idea of where Malta is located.

[currency malta] What is the currency of Malta.

[flag france] The flag of France. Note there was no flag shown for Malta.

[anthem france] What is the national anthem of France.

[birthplace of walt disney] Where Walt Disney was born.

[computers view:timeline] adding view:timeline will give you a historical timeline about inventions, events, etc.

[100+37+92+641-7] Works like a calculator to perform math operations.

[how many teaspoons in a tablespoon] Provides the answer to measurement conversions.

[convert 300 yen to dollars] Provides currency conversion

[0151-456-1111]Provides a link to more information about the residence, business, or organization for that phone number.

[n199ud] Provides a link for information about FAA registration for the airplane with that registration number.

[British airways flight 911] provides information about that flight

In image search [Rose &imgtype=face] to discount results other than faces

And one final tip -
Use Google image search for information about a word or name. Don't know what an artichoke looks like; or whether Maya is a man or a woman; or what corazon means. Type them image search and get the answer.

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  1. What a fascinating posting! I couldn't get the links to galenote to produce any information but some of the others were fascinating. I could play with that all day.


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