Thursday, 16 October 2008

The Death Clock

The Death Clock is a game site that I visited a few years ago - at which time it told me I had a few days left to live. Seems like my time expired....

Some people are offended by the idea of thinking about their own death - hard cheddar - I think it's a fun site - so there! In response to some of them, and the specific question "Are you a Satanist", the author of the site commented... 'No, but I use many Microsoft products so I will probably be going to Hell anyway. (Hey, do you bother reading those license agreements? I sure didn't.) I believe in God, very strongly, but I don't believe that talking about Death would offend the big cheese. Does the Death Clock offend some fundamentalists out there? Sure, but these are the same people who get offended at the Teletubbies, rap music, and independent thought. By the way, I'm also Pro-Life. '

Needless to say there is a background of science and a lot of fun in the way the death clock works and the author makes no claims that it is accurate. It's just a game. Nevertheless, I thought I'd change my smoking habits and become a non-smoker. Sorry - still dead.

Then I thought I'd go back to being a smoker but concentrate on my attitude and instead of being pessimistic I'd be 'normal' - Hooray, I'm still alive.

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  1. Who needs to play games when you can have cancer instead! Or lots of other less pleasant things come to think of it!


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