Friday, 24 October 2008

Albert's Law

I have previously mentioned Albert's Law and on Eggheads the other day C.J. (the other one) confirmed it. He pointed out that whenever there is a quiz question that the Eggheads cannot answer they all keep tripping over the answer again and again during the next few days.

This morning Albert’s Law cropped up again. Yesterday I made quite a few comments on various people's blogs and it occurred to me that the CAPTCHA never forms a real word. I'm sure there has never been an English word in CAPTHCA the whole time I've been commenting on blogs. I wondered yesterday if perhaps they had somehow programmed into CAPTCHA a dictionary and told it to exclude those combinations. And, if so, why? I found my answer this morning when the word “stride” came up. {I copied the screen so as to show you but then went and lost it before pasting it into paint – silly me. You’ll just have to take my word for it.} So, if you’ve never seen a real word on CAPTCHA they are out there waiting for you. And hopefully, if Albert's Law works properly, there'll be one very shortly...

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  1. Maybe you bumped into reCAPTCHA, which I've blogged about before. These are always words from scanned texts that OCR software can't figure out. They are often quite difficult but you have the added advantage of knowing it should be a real word.


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